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6’ Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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Rising high and finishing in an explosion of leaves, this 72" fiddle leaf fig tree is the perfect way to bring the forest indoors without worrying about sunlight or watering. It's an impressive offering, standing six feet tall, and is ideal for a home library, den, man-cave, or (of course) an office.

Complete with 270 leaves, several trunks and a planter pot, this also makes an ideal gift. Assembled in the USA from high-quality materials, including a real natural trunk, this artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is horticulturist designed and approved. If you've tried growing a real Fiddle, you know how difficult it can be; because of this plant's picky nature, many have a hard time keeping one alive. The good news is you can trick all your friends into thinking you can grow the real thing with this faux Fiddle inspired by nature.


This timeless faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is a perfect accent for those hard to fill corners of your home. Inject greenery in any space including bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms or guest rooms. No matter your interior style décor, Fiddle leaf figs blend with existing décor without needing any maintenance.


To ensure your new fiddle leaf tree always looks fresh, dust once a month with a feather duster. Many customers recommend setting a reminder on a cellphone or checking for when dust builds. Some people clean once they see dust.


Height: 6 Ft.

Depth: 26 In.

Width: 26 In.

Pot Size: H: 5.75 In. W: 6.75 In. D: 6.75 In.

Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.