6 Months Business (Plant Rotational) Subscription

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Research suggests employees are happier in the company of flowers and plants. Inspire your guests with flowers and plants for a cause.

A unique potted plant potpourri that can combine air plants with orchids, succulents with tropical bromeliads. Rotating for a different look every few weeks.

We also provide custom quote to fit your space such as front desk, coffee table, podium, meeting conference table...etc.  Please contact us at lelefloral@gmail.com for more detail. 

Florist arranged by hand with fresh flowers, this arrangement is 100% designer’s choice. 

** Please email lelefloral@gmail.com or call/Text 916-837-2583 the following information:

Sender Name:
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Choose Pickup or Delivery:  Pick and time that is convenient for you or let your blooms arrive straight to your home or office door! Example: Friday 8AM to 8PM 

** Please indicate if allergies with any type of flowers/filler and greenery 
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