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70” Variegated Ficus Tree In Handmade Jute And Cotton Planter UV Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor)

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SKU: T2972

Make an elegant statement in your living areas with this Ficus Artificial Tree. A symphony of variegated Ficus leaves ranging from light to dark green stem from thin, easy to bend branches, creating a full look. The twisting trunks are incredibly lifelike because they're made from natural trunk. Stands 70" from a jute planter(included in height) and is UV resistant, making it safe for outdoor use. Perfect for foyers, backyards, awkward corners, and bathrooms. Complements many décor styles.


Height: 70 In.

Width: 10 In.

Depth: 10 In.

Pot Size: H: 12.5 In. W: 12.5 In. D: 12.5 In.

75 x 75 x 9