10” Cedar Bonsai Artificial Tree In Decorative Planter

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Do you love large mesmerizing trees? If yes, let the outdoors into your home with this Artificial Cedar Bonsai Tree. Feel the texture of the green foliage at every touch; the brown, thick trunk delivers a rugged, elegant shape similar to the real ones. Known as challenging to maintain, you can now enjoy the Japanese tradition of Bonsai without the maintenance. Standing 10’ from a decorative planter, curate in offices and home settings.


SKU: T2020

Height: 10 In.

Width: 10 In.

Depth: 5 In.

Pot Size: H: 3.5 In. W: 6 In. D: 4 In.

11 x 11 x 10

Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.