6 Months Business (Front Desk) Arrangement Subscription

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Research suggests employees are happier in the company of flowers. Inspire your guests with flowers for a cause. Each floral arrangement is Designer’s Choice.  We’ll curate an assortment of the loveliest seasonal elements available for each month’s flower arrangement.

We also provide custom quote to fit your space such as front desk, coffee table, podium, meeting conference table...etc.  Please contact us at lelefloral@gmail.com for more detail. 

Florist arranged by hand with fresh flowers, this arrangement is 100% designer’s choice. 

** Please email lelefloral@gmail.com or call/Text 916-837-2583 the following information:

Sender Name:
Recipient Name:
Phone number:
Choose Pickup or Delivery:  Pick and time that is convenient for you or let your blooms arrive straight to your home or office door! Example: Friday 8AM to 8PM 

** Please indicate if allergies with any type of flowers/filler and greenery 
Special delivery instructions (optional):