Palor Palm Plant Kokedama - Best air purifying indoor houseplants

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This is a live Palor palm plant kokedama that is potted in a proper mixture of soil and wrapped with moss to help in growth and plant life. The plant may not exactly shown on the picture but I always chose healthy plant for you. ** The Japanese "kokedama" is a creative botanical technique that grows plants in a ball of soil covered in moss.
HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR KOKEDAMA:  Kokedama require watering and care like any other houseplant would. Follow this step-by-step watering guide as you tend to yours. Most kokedama require a watering about once per week, but you may need to readjust as needed.
1. Depending on the size of your kokedama, fill a bowl, sink, or tub with room-temperature water.
2. Place your kokedama plant into the bowl of water. Let it soak for 20 minutes.
3. Remove from water and let drip dry for about 20 minutes before returning the kokedama to its home.
4. Water again once the moss ball is feeling relatively lighter and dryer.
Pro tip: Crisp, dried leaves indicate underwatering, and mushy, brown, or soggy leaves indicate overwatering. All is not lost if you see either of these symptoms—just adjust your watering schedule accordingly!