(RARE) Colocasia 'Hilo Beauty' in Boho Ceramic Plant Pot with Wood Stand

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Heart-Shaped Leaves with Vibrant Green Color Why Colocasia 'Hilo Beauty' Plants? Add lush, tropical looks to your home with this unique house plant! A native of the tropical and subtropical regions of Southeastern Asia and India, the Colocasia ‘Hilo Beauty’ delivers major impact, with vibrant and variegated foliage. With dark blue stems and large, bright green leaves decorated with speckles of white, the Colocasia puts on a striking display.
Each heart-shaped leaf is unique in pattern - no two are the same! True to its tropical roots, the Colocasia ‘Hilo Beauty’ is named after an island in Hawaii - but it's commonly known as an Elephant Ear plant, due to the size and shape of its foliage. A fun fact: You might see this plant called an Alocasia, but it's a common misconception. It's actually a Colocasia, a close relative of the Alocasia! This Colocasia is so rare that you won’t find it in most nurseries - and it's sure to stand out in your plant collection, wherever you place it. The Hilo Beauty is fast-growing and does best in warmer temperatures with well-draining soil and full sunlight, so if you choose to plant it in a container or outdoors, be sure to bring it inside before the first frost and place it in front of a sunny window.

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