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RARE - Philodendron Red Congo Rojo in Polk Dot Ceramic Pot

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Rare Plant Collection - Philodendron Rojo Congo is a fast-growing plant with a striking red colored foliage that as it ages begins to emerge into a rich, dark, burgundy color. It is a magnificent addition to outside gardens or even indoor areas to give it a more tropical sensation. They are low maintenance giving them the ability to grow in partly shady areas or even bright natural light indoors. These plants are popular houseplants and will do great indoors.
EASY CARE: These plants are some of the easiest plants to care for and are very difficult to kill.
• Easy to care house plant, Great for indoor, apartment or office
• Watering: Best to water twice a week, allow top soil to dry between watering.
• Lighting: Best to keep indoor, if outdoor place in INDIRECT sun light under SHADE.