Variegated String of Hearts Plant (Rare & Trendy Plant)

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Ceropegia woodi or String of heart or Chain of heart is an eye-catching Succulent Plant from South Africa Zimbabwe. This plant has nickel Grey color and fine veins on heart shaped leaves. String of heart plants come from arid deserts. These plants are not only cute but also produce very attractive flowers. Succulent family plants are extremely easy to propagate. Several methods exist for cultivation of succulent plants that includes leaf propagation, stem cutting, root division etc. This rare Succulent plant in amazingly low price. Over last few years demand of this cute succulent has increased drastically. Images cute hearts ornament other handles resulting in craze for this particular plant. Not only looks in terms of care these plants are extremely easy. Yes, they go under dormancy for some days but then they revive very quickly. These plants can be used in hanging baskets. Trailing hearts from these small vines are just pleasure for any eyes. CARE: Grow string of hearts in bright indirect light, out of direct sunshine. Water regularly in spring and summer, allowing the soil to completely dry out between waterings. Reduce watering in winter, and never let the plant sit in water as the roots can rot and kill the plant. Fertilize with house plant fertilizer once or twice a year, during the growing season. 

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