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White Fluffy Dog Seasonal Flower Arrangement

Regular price $94.99

Puppy love! Crafted from lasting white Fancy Carnations, our cutie dog is sitting pretty in a handbag, surrounded by a mix of seasonal flowers, accented with assorted greenery. Crafted in the shape of a dog, complete with eyes, nose and pink ribbon. This favorite floral creation makes a perfect gift to spark romance, celebrate a special relationship, gift for pet lovers or anyone who could use a little puppy love in their life. Actual handbag used will vary depending on availability and matching with flowers color.

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1) All selections shown are representative of the arrangements that we can prepare for you, however due to flower availability and seasonal variations we may not be able to fill your order exactly as illustrated. Your order will be filled to the specified amount with products of an equal or greater value.  As Flower are sensitive items, the size, shade, bloom, and color might difference from the image shown.

2) Exact delivery times during the day are not possible. You may request a specific time, such as morning or afternoon, we'll try to meet the request, but we cannot guarantee it since some communities have deliveries only once a day.


  • Keep in mind that every arrangement contains a wet foam that absorbs water and lets flowers stay fresher for longer. We highly recommend watering the arrangement a little at a time and pouring very slowly in the middle of the box every two days. Our goal is to keep the flowers fresh and to avoid drying in the foam.
  • Keep flowers away from heat, bright sunlight, direct drafts, and AC.
  • Keep the arrangement in a cool area.